December 27, 2015

Destructuring Assignment in ECMAScript 2015

This blog post is about an interesting new feature that ECMAScript 2015 brings along. In my opinion it is really great to use, because it makes code easier to read and simplifies a lot of tasks that are usually harder to achieve.

Destructuring assignment was introduced in ECMAScript 2015. This expression allows you to get data from an object or array by mirroring the creation of an object or array. It therefore gives you the possibility to work with parts of objects using simpler and clearer syntax. You can work with all kinds of objects, such as simple objects which consist of primitive values or more complex, nested objects.

In the following sections, I will provide you with examples to all the possibilites how to use the destructuring assignment, which will make understanding the feature much easier. The list of all the possibilites is taken from the ES2015 compatibility table [1].

December 09, 2015

Achieving Efficient Effort Estimation in Software Development

Effort estimation is an essential part of software development. It is important to the developers themselves, but mostly to the project owners who establish and maintain the project schedules in order to ensure cost efficiency. To tackle this challenge, several techniques have been established to arrive at the most accurate estimates for achieving specific tasks within a sprint.
To fully understand these methods, first consider the following points:

  1. Solid effort estimation entails fully understanding the task on hand - otherwise you won’t be able to come up with an accurate estimate.
  2. Once everything is clear, it is crucial to split the task into smaller pieces and create a model (i.e. a mental model or mock model). The size and scope of the project will usually determine how much you will go into detail with this model.