October 12, 2016

Performance at its (CPU-) Core

Who should read this?

This article will be interesting for you if you:
    • Are trying to decide which hardware to buy;
    • Are designing a service that is supposed to run on a specific hardware specification;
    • Are an operator like me; or,
    • Generally like to fiddle around with hardware and tune system performance.

    October 04, 2016

    Launching a new product – from zero to native couponing

    Recently, we successfully launched native couponing in our Android and iOS Apps. Providing coupons with discounts in various areas provides benefits to the approximately 1 million people who use our mobile services on a regular basis. Our users collected more than 15,000 coupons in just the first couple of weeks after launch.

    Launching a completely new product is always a challenge, especially if you have a lot of stakeholders – product managers, digital advertisers, sales people, developers, quality assurance specialists, etc. just to name a few. All of them are involved in building great products for our users.

    From the viewpoint of a technical project lead, it is challenging to meet all the functional and non-functional requirements. This blog post shows how we bootstrapped a new product from the technical side, from zero to getting it into production; which technology we used; which architecture fits our requirements; how we embedded it in the existing infrastructure; and, most importantly, what to avoid. This article will cover these topics at a high level and will not provide any implementation details.